Aseptic and BioPharma

Aseptic finish fill clean room suites, deployable, expandable, transportable.

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Laboratories and Storage

Analytical Labs, Biorepositories complete with sampling and back up power.

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Healthcare Clinics

Occupational healthcare and primary care clinics for the onsite solution.

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Biologics Modular

At Biologics Modular we design and manufacture cGMP modular clean room facilities that tailor to your company’s specific needs. Our final product is based on the inter-modal container platform and designed to fit inside new or existing warehouse spaces. With our flexible, scalable, and transportable modular facilities, we can guarantee a minimized capital cost and shortened production timeline.

All facilities can have controlled access by using a keypad to enter an anteroom. This is where personnel will gown prior to entering the controlled space. The facility will be cooled with a commercial grade HVAC system. To maintain a clean environment, the facilities will be equipped with a HEPA filtration system. The facilities can include waste disposal and disinfection systems.

Secure access, unidirectional flow of personnel and materials, chemical resistant materials of construction, validation packages including IQ/OQ are just some of the highlights Biologics Modular has to offer for your cGMP Clean Room Facility.



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